Hello everyone,
Writing Get Real was a very exciting experience for us.

As course book authors we strongly believe that a course book has to provide a service to both teachers and students. This belief has shaped all our writing. Get Real provides teachers with materials and course components to support them in all aspects of their teaching.

We were also struck by teachers’ desire to bring the students’ own world into the classroom. So we had great fun finding topics and issues that interest teenagers, and writing photo stories that truly reflect their world and aspirations.

Get Real has an exclusive syllabus design that combines grammar and lexical areas with the CEF. By using this innovative approach we were able to link communicative skills naturally with grammar right from the start. In Get Real the student develops real communicative skills while making solid grammatical and lexical progress.

By focussing on the functional-situational areas from the CEF we found lots of new ways of working with everyday language and of giving the students the opportunity of talking about things that are relevant to them. You’ll find a wide variety of teen-relevant themes in a rich choice of text types, from conversations, to emails, to reports and announcements. Students are encouraged to respond to the stories and texts by talking about themselves and telling their own stories.

Plus each book has four original graded stories that introduce students to reading for pleasure and prepare them for reading longer literary texts.

We hope that working with Get Real will give you and your students as much fun and interesting experiences as we have had writing it.
With best wishes,

Foto Julia Foto Martyn
Julia Starr Keddle Martyn Hobbs

Martyn Hobbs and Julia Starr Keddle have over 25 years of experience in ELT. They met at university and then went on to teach for over ten years. After working in ELT publishing they became full-time writers and have written several successful courses together, including Get Real.

Julia Starr Keddle is also a teacher trainer and has done training for NILE, Norwich. She has published articles on exams and the Common European Framework.

Martyn Hobbs is also a video scriptwriter and has developed a wide range of ELT videos. He writes ELT readers, including graphic stories, and is a prize-winning playwright and film screenplay writer.